The Fredonia Jazz Society welcomes your inquiries and involvement.  Please see the Projects page of the website for information about current activities, and the Membership page to learn about the benefits of being one of our valued donors.  A donation at the level of full membership provides specific benefits, including being offered a seat at the table to discuss planning and ideas with the Board of Directors.  Our fiscal sponsor is the The Arts Services Initiative of Western New York.  Our Board of Directors for 2018-19:

Karl Boelter, Composer, Former Director, Retired, School of Music, State Univ. of NY at Fredonia. 2018-19 board president.

Jennifer Darrell-Sterbak, Community Relations, School of Music, State Univ. of NY at Fredonia.  2018-19 board secretary.

Richard Lundquist, Professor Emeritus, School of Business, State Univ. of NY at Fredonia.  2018-19 board vice president.

Nancy McIntyre, Elementary Teacher, Retired, Toronto Public Schools

Jenniene Scarem, Music Instructor, Dunkirk High School.  2018-19 board treasurer.

Karolyn Stonefelt, Distinguished Professor, School of Music, State Univ. of NY at Fredonia

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